Producing raw urban honey in Brisbane from local flora.

No additives, unprocessed, and unchanged

- from hive to home



About Us

Established in 2015, Hive & Harvest started with an interest in backyard beekeeping and the benefits bees can provide to the local environment. It is widely known we are facing a worldwide decline in bee numbers, and the value of bees and other wild pollinators is well established. 

We believe that small actions can make big changes and each of us has a part to play in conservation. We're inspired by the concept of beekeeping in urban environments, and are proud to be bringing green spaces into the city with the help of businesses and individuals who are looking for an opportunity to improve their sustainability effort, and to enjoy the rewards of playing host to honey bee hives. 


Hive Locations / Become a Host

Interested in getting involved in the world of beekeeping? Whether you are a business, home, or community organisation, we are here to help you get started. For information on becoming a bee hive host get in touch by clicking here.

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At our original hive location, these bees love the leafy hills of Bardon, Paddington, and Rosalie as much as we do; and it took 15,000 of them visiting local backyards to make a jar of honey. 

We are proud to source our honey from local urban flora, and each harvest represents a unique seasonal taste. 

Brisbane CBD

Perched on rooftops overlooking the CBD and surrounding suburbs, these bees have the best view in town. Even in the hustle and bustle of the city, the honey bees thrive on Brisbane’s many rooftop gardens and hidden green spaces.

Keep an eye out for the busy workers while they collect nectar and pollen for this delicious urban honey.

Ashgrove Green Corner

Nestled amongst the lush greenery of a community garden in Ashgrove, the bees that created this honey are spoiled for choice. With the blossoming fruits and veges of their home and the yards of the beautiful surrounding suburbs, it’s impossible for this honey to be anything but delicious.

The garden benefits from the bees as much as the gardeners do, and we keep our honey pure to honour this relationship. 

Brisbane Powerhouse

Starting in 1928, the Brisbane Powerhouse provided power for the city’s tramway network for 43 years. Decommissioned in 1971, it’s now a cultural hub offering an array of arts, festivals, community events, and a great home for our beehives!

Foraging the beautiful riverside parks and suburbs of New Farm, Teneriffe, and Newstead, these bees create a different and delicious honey with each harvest.

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Fig Tree Pocket 

In the hidden neighbourhood of Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane's west, these bees share their space with sprawling Moreton Bay figs, towering gum trees and lush green suburban gardens. 

Flowers and forage abound in this tranquil pocket of the Brisbane river, we can't wait to taste the honey that our newest beehives produce. 


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Rosalie Gourmet Market
164 Baroona Road
Paddington, 4064

(07) 3876 6222

The Standard Market Company
76 Skyring Terrace
Newstead, 4006

(07) 3606 3319

New Farm Deli
900 Brunswick Street
New Farm, 4005

(07) 3358 2634 

Emile & Solange
10 Fox Street
Albion, 4010

0469 585 448

The Pantry Shorncliffe
27 Palm Avenue
Sandgate, 4017

(07) 3269 6970

Java Lounge
161 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington, 4064

(07) 3369 5193

284 Montague Road

West End, 4101

(07) 3255 3330

The Sebel Brisbane

94 Charlotte Street

Brisbane, 4000

(07) 3224 3500